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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Last week I filled out, compiled, and sent out 6-8 query letters to agents I found on Twitter. This was simultaneously one of the most exciting, focused, and terrifying things I've ever done. I was afraid to send off the first one. Then the second one was easier. By the time I sent off the last one, I didn't even break a sweat.

Now comes the time I hate above all other things: waiting. I don't care what it is I'm waiting for – vacation, approval, food, traffic – I am an impatient person and thus I hate waiting.

Oddly, I got my first response far sooner than I was expecting. It was a rejection, but I actually felt really good about it. It wasn't a detailed rejection (like a review of the work or anything), but it was really encouraging. In as few, polite words as possible, she explained that this manuscript wasn't what she was looking to represent at the moment, and to keep querying other agents because this is such a subjective business.

I'm sure that this is something she tells everyone, and I'm sure that this kind of rejection might even be common among agents.

I don't care. I felt really good hearing that someone didn't straight out hate the work.

While I'm not looking forward to receiving the other rejections, I'm hopeful that I'll find the right fit someday... hopefully soon! <3

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