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The Surface

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Algar Harte

"What's life without a little risk?"

Algar is a hedonist who takes pleasures in all the small things of life. He often plays "games" with Jaris, which involve intricate bets and strategic moves that may take decades to complete. Currently, a very old game – one that was never fully completed – has come up again, and Algar finds himself in a very precarious place. His ally in this game has offered to heal his very ill adoptive mother with something in the Deep... for a price, of course. Does Algar betray his brother, or does he win the game and save his mother?



Vega Nask'an

"Those I love cannot die alone. Forgive me."

Younger sister to Khan, Vega has been an Apprentice to her mother (the village Fuhal) since she was nine. Two-hundred and fifty years later, she has failed her Fuhal exam, and will not get a second chance to try. As no one can talk Khan out of going into the Deep, and the expedition needs a Fuhal to counsel, heal, and administer rites, Vega has volunteered to go. She believes that they will die, but at least her brother won't suffer the worst kind of death: a death alone.

The Deep Dark

Lucky Blue Smith_.png

Go'ria the Thief  (Rio)

"Me? I'm just a guy."

Go'ria is an Arbitor: a shapeshifting, god-like being. He has earned the title 'The Thief" for his hordes of treasure and is ranked a 'Durai', a kind of Lord among Arbitors. He has been sent to watch over Vega and the expedition as they travel into the Deep, though his purpose is not explicit. It seems that his master has made plans for the expedition's fuhal, but Go'ria has yet to act on those orders.

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