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Sophia Yumi Yamamoto grew up telling stories to herself and her friends. In her teens, she was introduced to anime and the internet, and fell down the rabbit hole until she began writing stories for the first time. While those stories perhaps weren't worth telling, they were the gateway into a love of writing and exploration that continues to this day.


During her undergraduate degree, Sophia began writing a novel she called "Serum" about Dane, his friend Alt, and their struggles to recreate immortality. Later, she began writing a related novel "The Ancient Dark" – about Vega and her brother venturing out into the Deep Dark and stumbling upon more than they bargained for – which explored another major section of the world. Two more novels were written in this world, both of which were worked on during National Novel Writing Month, and were not good enough to stand on their own.


It wasn't until she entered graduate school that it made sense to mesh these novels together. The multiple narrators, the dynamic settings, and the relation of the stories worked together, albeit with major changes. This is the "Sha'an and Serum" novel series that she is working to publish today.


She has been published in Live Life: A Daydreamer's Journal, A Thorn of Death, and the literature blog Words, Pauses, Noises. She also runs a YouTube channel critiquing story elements in all forms of media, discussing writerly things, and having fun reading. In February 2020, she released the comic Always with the artist Danni Wei, which is the first in a series published yearly.


Her BA in Creative Writing was completed at the University of California, Riverside,

and her MFA was completed at Kingston University in London.





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