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S. Yumi Yamamoto

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Sophia Yumi Yamamoto grew up telling stories to herself and her friends. In her teens, she found fanfiction, and fell down the rabbit hole until she began writing stories for the first time. While those stories perhaps weren't worth telling, they were the gateway into a love of writing and exploration that continues to this day.


She has been published in Live Life: A Daydreamer's Journal, A Thorn of Death, and the literature blog Words, Pauses, Noises. She also runs a YouTube channel critiquing story elements in all forms of media, discussing writing, and having fun reading. In February 2020, she released the comic Always with the artist Danni Wei, which is the first in a series to be published intermittently.

While not writing or reading, you can find her obsessing over historical sewing techniques, playing video games, solving puzzles, binging Hannibal or Penny Dreadful for the millionth time, or staring at the fridge hoping food will magically appear, cooked and ready to eat.

Her BA in Creative Writing was completed at the University of California, Riverside, and her MFA was completed at Kingston University in London.

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Works in Progress

The Darkest Sun
Sha'an & Serum
Always #2
A Thousand
Furs & Silks
Halfway Mirror

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