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The Deep Dark

This is the abyssal darkness beyond Microsha; the home to an endless number of carnivorous beasts evolved for life in the unforgiving darkness. Not many know what the landscape looks like. The few scavengers who wander in the dark find flat, dry ground like a desert that may have once been fertile.

It is rumored that the Deep Dark is home to god-like Arbitors, great shape-shifting creatures that have protected and destroyed humans since the beginning of time. Some Arbitors are so powerful that they make their homes near sha'an, beautiful lakes brimming with power and light. No one living has ever seen one.


Though people may venture out into the Deep, those that go too far do not come back. Animals may be the cause of their disappearance, but there is another threat. Monsters – nightmarish creatures that have no rhyme or reason to their actions – lurk in the shadows. The border towns of Microsha suffer the greatest losses to these creatures, and their tales are known even on the surface. Because, sometimes, the monsters look human.

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