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Demonathon is a month-long, immersive readathon hosted in January via the Demonathon website and other social media platforms.

Much like other readathons, the point is to encourage reading, have fun, meet friends, and promote the niche topics and themes of the readathon. For Demonathon, the staple is the darker side of lore and myths: the ones we tell around campfires and Halloween, or the ones our ancestors believed to be true.

Demonathon aims to be multi-cultural and as inclusive as possible! While the term "demon" has been used to label "evil" characters of myth, demons are much more than that. The ancient Greeks believed in good demons that acted like muses, and the youkai of Japanese lore are wise and silly as well as frightening. Some demons have been likened to gods in Native American and South American cultures, and in many ways, the fae of Irish folklore could be considered types of demons. These are not the evil devils you grew up with: they are characters that have always followed our legends, showing us that life isn't all good, but that doesn't mean you can't laugh at it.

Please join us again for

Demonathon:in January 2025! 

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