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How a long lost dream came back

In 2009, S. Yumi Yamamoto wrote a short story for a class. It was about a woman, a mysterious ex-lover, and a night they shared stuck in their same, comfortable routine. A year later, she posted the story on a website, hoping to make money off her writing, and made an all-call to artists who might be interested in illustrating her work.

In 2013, Danni Wei took an interest in the short story "Always". Since they were both busy with university studies, they did not set a deadline. Eventually, the project went into hibernation.

2017, Danni contacted Yumi again, asking if she was still interested in pursuing the project and provided some preliminary sketches. After working out details, Danni went to work.

Today, the work is finished, and the two have published the first comic of the series in February of 2020.

This project will be expanded, with two, longer sequels in progress.

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