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On to the Next One... Kinda

Looking for agents is time consuming and exhaustive. I haven't done any of this before, so I'm not sure what I'm doing... I think that's a big part of why this is making me anxious!

On the other hand, now that book one is done, it should be time for book two, right?

I feel like writing now is like pulling teeth!

Burnout is a very real experience, and I go through it quite often. While I consistently think about writing and my story, the actual writing bit isn't something I do every day (even though I should!). I work in spurts, where I feel the urge to write everything and anything I can. I'll work until I'm falling asleep on the keyboard, or I can't keep my eyes open to edit. Sometimes I won't work for a month, but I'll make up for that time in the following weeks while I pour 1000% effort into everything I do.

It's not healthy, but it works for me.

Right now, I'm in burnout mode. I've been stressing over finishing Sha'an and Serum for months. Now, I need some rest and time away from writing stories even though I really want to. I know that whatever I write now will be utter trash and I'll end up having to start over again. For me, it's not worth the rewrite if I know I wasn't giving it my full attention to begin with. Besides, I'm still writing query letters and going over who to pick as an agent.

For now, I'm feeling good. I'm accomplishing my goals and getting things in order for whatever comes my way. That's good enough :)

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